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Born on December 14, 1952 in Sassuolo, Modena.

His first art-works are dated 1972, his personal ceramic research leads him to exhibit his ceramics at several galleries in Italy and abroad, he participates in various collective expositions and some personal ones: Sassuolo, Modena, Bologna, Firenze, Los Angeles, Tokio, Londra, Parigi, Miami Budapest, Stoccolma.

During the years, he experienced different techniques, participating at international stages:

1979 International Ceramic Stage, Fiesole, FI;
1984 Keramia Inernational Stage, Kecskemet, Ungheria;
1990 Adobe International Stage, New Mexico, USA.

During the years, he experienced different techniques, participating at international stages:

  • 1987 Golfo Padano, Castello di Spezzano, Modena
  • 1988 Musei, Museo archeologico di Modena, Modena
  • 1988 Giardino d’Europa, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze
  • 1988 Mobili soprammobili, Galleria G7, Bologna
  • 1997 Giardino Nascosto, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna, Sassuolo
  • 2000 Opus Incertum, Galleria Artipici Carteriani Modena
  • 2002 Bronson Fine Arts, Santa Monica, Los Angele
  • 2002 Battle in the Castle, Castello di Spezzano, Modena
  • 2004 Cersaie Bologna
  • 2013 Auction Gala, Cipriani New York
  • 2008 Olimpo, Costa Serena
  • 2008 Wunder Kammel & Ciclo della Peste, Private Showing, Sassuolo
  • 2015 Mandala, Fusion Gallery, Miami

His art-works are exposed at several public and private institutions, in Italy and abroad. Since 1993, Marco Morandi develops the cooperation with several designers and architects in different Countries, for the project, design and production of architectonic and decorative art-works for hotels, cruise ships, public areaes.

The experience acquired during the years in different branches, allows MARCO MORANDI to study and research various techniques and materials: gres porcelain, porcelain, metal glazes, mosaic, sculpture, high-relief, painting at third firing and high firing, as well as raku glaze and potter’s wheel

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