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  • Born on December 14, 1952 in Sassuolo, Modena.
  • His first art-works are dated 1972, his personal ceramic research leads him to exhibit his ceramics at several galleries in Italy and abroad, he participates in various collective expositions and some personal ones:
  • Sassuolo, Modena, Bologna, Firenze, Los Angeles, Tokio, Londra, Parigi, Miami Budapest, Stoccolma.
  • During the years, he experienced different techniques, participating at international stages:
  • 1979 International Ceramic Stage, Fiesole, FI;
  • 1984 Keramia Inernational Stage, Kecskemet, Ungheria;
  • 1990 Adobe International Stage, New Mexico, USA.
  • Personal exhibitions:
  • 1987 Golfo Padano, Castello di Spezzano, Modena
  • 1997 Giardino Nascosto, Sassuolo, Modena
  • 2000 Opus Incertum, Modena
  • 2002 Bronson Fine Arts, Santa Monica, Los Angeles.
  • His art-works are exposed at several public and private institutions, in Italy and abroad.

In 1977 Marco Morandi grounds MORANDI STUDIO, a company specialized with several different ceramic techniques, for restauring ancient flooring and walls, cooperating for years with public museums: Museo Civico Archeologico of Modena, Museo Leonardo da Vinci (Vinci, FI), Galleria Civica of Modena, Museo Assopiastrelle.
Our main restoring work have been: Spezzano Castle, (MO), floor restoring Piazza Garibaldi, Sassuolo (MO), Fantuzzi Palace (BO), Gio Ponti Panels at Borsa Merci (Milano), Lull Station mosaic (London Underground).

Since 1993, with the entry of Cristina Fantuzzi, further to the projecting and decorations for the Ceramic Tiles Industries, Morandistudio develops the cooperation with several designers and architects in different Countries, for the project, design and production of architectonic and decorative art-works for hotels, cruise ships, public areaes.
The experience acquired during the years in different branches, allows MORANDISTUDIO to meet the requests and preferences of the designers, studing and researching various techniques and materials: gres porcelain, porcelain, metal glazes, mosaic, sculpture, high-relief, painting at third firing and high firing.

MORANDISTUDIO’s art-works are located on the most exclusive cruise ships of Costa CL, Princess Cruises, Carnival CL, Holland America CL, Walt Disney Imagineering, Oceania Cruises Lines, Cunard Cruises Line, Royal Caribbean, MSC, Breil Showroom New York, Milano, Roma.

"Talking about us" Art & Culture | Morandi Studio // weighs anchor!

Imagine the Caribbean, the gentle undulation of the waves, and the fragrances and natural woders of landscape like none you have ever seen. Imagine, in other words, a cruise in the world's most beautiful waters, on board an equally attractive and sophisticated cruise shio, both in terms of service and.

This is the world of contract construction, a sector that encompasses hotels, reastaurant and even cruise ship, which is highly attractive for suppliers the ceramic industry.

We are on the premises of Morandi Studio, a niche player in the ceramic processing business, based in the ceramic cluster centered around Sassuolo.

We are welcomed by Marco Morandi, who not only owns the company but also serves as its Artistic and Creative Director. And perhaps a lot more besides.

Today the ceramics of Morandistudio can be seen in hotels, cruise ships , public areas, as a result of custom-made work, that through the study of colors, themes, shapes, volumes and materials creates an harmonious and smooth atmosphere

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